Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Off to APAP

For several years now, I have been attending the Association of Performing Arts Presenters conference in NY.  The conference is the world's largest networking forum and marketplace for performing arts professionals. Mor​e than 3,600 presenters, artists, managers, agents and emerging arts leaders from all 50 U.S. states and more than 30 countries convene in the city for five days of professional development, business deals and exciting performances.  It is at this conference that a lot of the season planning for the Stockbridge takes place.  There are hundreds of performances over the course of the conference and it is impossible to get to them all.  In previous years, I've been happy if I can get to between 30 and 35 showcases.  

This year, I thought it was important to get more of the Pinkerton community involved in the process of season selection.  To that end, we created the Stockbridge Theatre Advisory Committee.  That committee, which is comprised of representatives from the Pinkerton Board of Trustees, some Pinkerton faculty, and a number of Pinkerton students, meets periodically to discuss issues pertaining to the Stockbridge including season planning but also things like equipment purchases and building maintenance.  I thought it would be a good idea to take a couple of the members of the Stockbridge Advisory Committee to the APAP conference this year and was thrilled to receive strong support from the administration for that idea.  Mr. Adams, the Director of Instrumental Ensembles, and Mrs. Tartarilla, Associate Dean of Students and Theatre Program Coordinator, were selected as perfect candidates who both bring a great deal of insight into different aspects of the performing arts.  

It was also clear, however, that student attendance at the conference would add tremendously to the process of planning the season.  With that goal in mind, the Stockbridge started a fundraising effort to support student scholarships to cover the costs associated with conference registration, travel, and lodging.  We were able to raise enough proceeds to invite two students to attend the conference this year.  After a very competitive scholarship application process, two PA students were selected to attend the conference.  Brittany Cardoza, a member of the class of 2017, and Julia Sylvain, a member of the class of 2018, will be a part of the Pinkerton delegation that will head to NY this weekend for what we know will be a very exciting conference.  

So, after many years of being the sole representative from Pinkerton at the APAP conference, this year we will have five members of the Pinkerton community in attendance.  I have set up this blog in hopes that they will join me in sharing some stories from the conference.  We really look forward to sharing our adventures with you. 

Matt Cahoon, Director of Cultural Programming 

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  1. I hope you all have an enjoyable and productive time at the conference. I think it's wonderful that students will be able to participate in such a valuable learning experience. The Stockbridge is a local treasure, and we await more great things in the future.