Friday, January 22, 2016

APAP 2016 Reflections

My first APAP conference was in a word, amazing!  The experience was both educational and enlightening.  As I continue to process the roughly forty hours of time we spent in NY, I have trouble fathoming the sheer number of artists who performed (the vast majority of whom we did not get a chance to see) and the incredible amount of talent who were gathered together in this one place.  As an educator and occasional performer myself, it is truly humbling to realize how much, music, dance, and theater is not only being performed in the country (and world), but also the quality of art that is available to share with the students and community of Pinkerton Academy.  With so much talent, how to best decide what to bring to Derry is a daunting task, but one I am happy to be a part of.
Amazing jazz trumpeter, Bria Skonberg.  

Also important is a re-evaluation of how I may approach students when they are seeking advice about music school.  APAP gives me a much different perspective about seeking a performance degree as I witnessed amazing group after amazing group with unbelievable artists.  Each group and musician deserves to be successful and because these folks have agents and representation they may have a good shot at making a life-long career from their talents.  What about the thousands more who are working to build a career on their own?  It must certainly be a tough road and one that our students at Pinkerton may not appreciate.

With the guidance of Mr. Cahoon (our cruise director), the idea of bringing additional faculty and especially students to the APAP was a good one.  In speaking with Mrs. Tartarilla, Brittany, and Julia on the train ride back to Connecticut, I know we will all be able to bring new insight to the process of finding great artistic and musical experiences to share with the Pinkerton community.  I saw many great artists and we are already in talks with some of them to bring them to Derry in the 2016-2017 school year.

Mike Adams, Director of Instrumental Ensembles

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