Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Truly "Enchanted" Show

Don't tell the PA Players to "Break a leg," they may take it literally.
Okay, it's not broken, but you will see a spotlight operator on crutches.
As many of you may know, Pinkerton Player’s production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has debuted to packed houses this weekend; however, we cannot say it went off without a hitch! This show has proven to be magical in every aspect whether it be music, set design, lighting, or performing; but, there has also been something of a curse on the production this tech week. Going into the week before show we already had a cast illness, a case of the flu, and some minor injuries, but we thought nothing of it as it is typical to have some disturbances before tech. Little did we know that a curse was brewing, much like the one cast on the Beast; our show was in for a week of trials and tribulations!
Getting Gaston ready:  Super volunteer Bea Shay
gets Gaston's hair styled prior to the performance.
The Friday before tech week came and went leaving one of our dancers concussed in its wake! Then on the following Monday we were left without a Gaston due to an accident on set!
 The crazy occurrences did not just stop with the cast either, a crew member was struck down only a rehearsal later with a leg injury, and one of our amazing pianists in pit was taken by the curse that same day! Despite the obvious hardships that came during tech week, the cast, crew, and pit worked diligently to craft an amazing show. Those who were down for the count pulled through amazingly well and are still active in the show.

It seems as though the curse culminated on Opening Night. Storms passed through Derry, rough winds cutting the Stockbridge off from power only two hours before the show. We were left without stage lights and there was no sign of the power returning, but we all still got ready for a brilliant performance, unknowing that soon a miracle would occur. All of us were gathered in the hallway at around 5:30 when our curse was lifted with a bang! A huge clap of thunder sounded through the building and with it the lights returned: our show would go on!
The stage crew fixes another casualty from opening night.
The trials of tech week have only made the cast, crew and pit closer and in the end, like the Beast’s curse, we were given a truly wonderful gift: a show-stopping performance!

Emily DeWolf Class of 2017 #VPPinkertonPlayers